We are pleased to announce the VGSCO (Vienna Graduate School on Computational Optimization)-Workshop, which will take place at the University of Vienna (Austria)

                                    December 17-19, 2018

The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers from the optimization community. There will be opportunities to interact and discuss the latest trends and theoretical results in this field, but also to review advances and challenges in the computational aspects.

The program will include eight plenary talks and a number of contributed presentations. Participation is *free of charge*, but registration is required due to a limited number of admissions.

Invited Speakers include

 * Heinz Bauschke <https://people.ok.ubc.ca/bauschke/> (University of
   British Columbia)
 * Stephen Boyd <http://stanford.edu/%7Eboyd/> (Stanford University)
 * Peter Gritzmann
<https://www-m9.ma.tum.de/Allgemeines/PeterGritzmann> (TU Munich)
 * Harald Raecke
   (TU Munich)
 * Stephen Wright <http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/%7Eswright/> (University of
 * Anita Schoebel
   (University of Goettingen)

The topics covered will include

 * Convex Optimization
 * Nonsmooth Optimization
 * Dynamic Optimization
 * Combinatorial Optimization
 * Stochastic Optimization
 * with a special emphasis on computational issues and applications.

The city of Vienna offers lots of cultural highlights and nice Christmas markets and decorations in this period. Check out the workshop website at vwco18.univie.ac.at. <http://vgsco.univie.ac.at/>
You may find a link for registration to this workshop there. The deadline for submitting abstracts is June 15, 2018.