(version June 24, 2005)

This list of books on Stochastic Programming was compiled by J. Dupacová (Charles University, Prague), and first appeared in the state-of-the-art volume Annals of OR 85 (1999), edited by R. J-B. Wets and W. T. Ziemba.

Books and collections of papers on Stochastic Programming, primary classification 90C15

A. The known ones ~ in English, including translations

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  2. F. Archetti, G. Di Pillo, and M. Lucertini (eds.): Stochastic Programming. LN in Control and Information Sci. 76, Springer, Berlin, 1986.
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  23. W. K. Klein Haneveld and M. H. van der Vlerk: Stochastic Programming, Lecture Notes, 2004. (Available on request by e-mail.)
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  31. G. Ch. Pflug: Optimization of Stochastic Models. The Interface between Simulation and Optimization. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1996.
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  53. D. L. Woodruff (ed.): Network Interdiction and Stochastic Integer Programming. Kluwer, 2002.

B. Books in other languages whose translation is not listed under A

  1. P. Abel: Stochastische Optimierung bei partieller Information. Math. Systems in Economics 96, Athäneum/Hein/Hanstein, Königstein/Ts., 1984, in German.
  2. T. Abel u. R. Thiel: Mehrstufige stochastische Produktionsmodelle - Eine praxisorientierte Darstellung mit programmierten Beispielen. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt a. M., 1981, in German.
  3. K.-P. Arnold: Stochastische Transportprobleme. Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, 1987, in German.
  4. J. Böttcher: Stochastische lineare Programme mit Kompensation. Athenäum, Frankfurt a.M., 1989, in German.
  5. J. Dupacová: Stochastic Programming. MS CSR, Prague, 1986, in Czech.
  6. Yu. M. Ermoliev: Methods of Stochastic Programming. Nauka, Moscow, 1976, in Russian.
  7. Yu. M. Ermoliev and A. I. Yastremski: Stochastic Models and Methods in Economic Planning. Nauka, Moscow, 1979, in Russian.
  8. M. M. Faber: Stochastisches Programmieren. Physica-Verlag, Würzburg - Wien, 1970, in German.
  9. Yu.M. Kaniovski, P.S. Knopov, and Z.V. Nekrylova: Limit Theorems for Stochastic Programming Processes. Naukova dumka, Kiev, 1980, in Russian.
  10. I.N. Kovalenko: Probabilistic Calculation and Optimization. Naukova dumka, Kiev, 1989, in Russian.
  11. K. Marti: Approximationen stochastischer Optimierungsprobleme. Math. Systems in Economics 43, A. Hain, Königstein/Ts., 1979, in German.
  12. F. Mirzoakhmedov: Mathematical Models and Methods for Production Control Taking Random Factors into Account. Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 1991, in Russian.
  13. F. Mirozakhmedov and M.V. Mikhalevich: Applied Aspects of Stochastic Programming. Maorif, Dushanbe, 1989, in Russian.
  14. J.T. Rembold: Stochastische lineare Optimierung. Mathematical Systems in Economics, No. 31. A. Hain, Meisenheim am Glan, 1977, in German.
  15. A. H. Schneeweiss: Entscheidungskriterien bei Risiko. Springer, Berlin, 1967, in German.
  16. M. Schürle: Zinsmodelle in der Stochastischen Optimierung mit Anwendungen im Asset & Liability Management, Series Bank- und finanzwirtschaftliche Forschungen, B. 279. Paul Haupt, Bern, 1998.
  17. S.P. Uryas'ev: Adaptive Algorithms of Stochastic Optimization and Game Theory. Nauka, Moscow, 1990, in Russian.
  18. Jinde Wang: Stochastic Programming. Chinese Presses, Beijing, 1990, in Chinese.
  19. M. Werner: Stochastische lineare Optimierungsmodelle. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, 1973, in German.
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  23. D. B. Yudin: Problems and Methods of Stochastic Programming. Soviet Radio, Moscow, 1979, in Russian.

Books and collections of papers with secondary classification 90C15

  1. V. I. Arkin, and I. V. Estigneev: Stochastic Models of Control and Economic Dynamics. Nauka, Moscow, 1979, in Russian. English translation by E. A. Medova-Dempster, and M. A. H. Dempster, Academic Press, London. 1987.
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